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An extensive develoment, production and testing of new products requires know-how and a good infrastructure, which companies often do not possess. SmartFactoryOWL offers a real production environment to companies in order to prove their new developments before market launch. 


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BECATEX GmbH is a small company which produces bags for firefighters and medical equipement. For a new version of the firefighter bags BECATEX defined a requirement catalogue and needed a secure environment for testing the product functionalities. New couplers strips should fulfil the requirements of easy cleaning, good spring suspension, a modular set-up and an easy take-out of medicals.

In cooperation with SmartFactoryOWL the development of this new version was advanced based on existen 3D Data. Additive manufactured prototypes were produced and testes with regard to the desired functionalities. For these purpose, the ampule kit was supplied with sensors in order to measure data with regard to shocks. Based on these data BECATEX GmbH could optimize their product development and convince their customers with innovative solutions. Additionally they cold reduce their development costs and risks before volume production.




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SmartFactoryOWL is a LivingLab for Industrie 4.0 technologies in East Westphalia-Lippe. We offer for companies and research institutions comprehensive services for development and testing of new products and technologies.

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SmartFactoryOWL is an open research and demonstration platform for digital transformation. As an "Industrial IoT Experience Center (IIOT)", new technologies can be tested in SmartFactoryOWL. With the support of an interdisciplinary team of experts, the research results are used in production, work and business processes.



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"With SmartFactoryOWL, in cooperation with the OWL University of Applied Sciences, we are realizing a unique platform for knowledge and technology transfer in the field of intelligent automation. This enables us to efficiently support SMEs on their way to Industry 4.0. "

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E. h. Dr.-Ing. E. h. mult. Dr. h.c. mult. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer-Society

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