for digitalization


Through a participatory development approach, the SmartFactoryOWL real laboratory closes the gap between research and industrial application of digitisation technologies by creating an open platform for research, demonstration, qualification, conception and implementation. As a partner in the Competence Center „Digital in NRW“, our transfer chain pursues the approach of providing comprehensive support to small and medium-sized businesses in integrating technologies into their own industrial environment. From the first information to the support during the implementation we accompany technology projects in companies.

Support step by step

We accompany your company in direct cooperation and design your individual technology road map.


In our numerous events we inform about the latest developments in various technologies. For this, not only a visit to us is  a possibility, we would be pleased to visit your company and get to know your business.


In order to be inspired by practical applications, we develop demonstrators that we present in our LabTours in the SmartFactoryOWL or at trade fairs.


Employees are and remain the core of every company. In order to make them fit for digitalization, we offer online- and classroom trainings on many topics for a fee and free of charge.


Valuable input for your company is provided by potential analyses, in which you can have an external perspective on your company and production and determine digitalisation potential. In our potential analyses, we visit your company and use our analysis methods to examine your company for optimisation possibilities. Based on this, we jointly develop a technology road map.


Transfer projects, test projects, networking! With more than 100 employees from software development, process and production experts, we support your company in the realization of your projects. As a certified industry 4.0 test environment, SmartFactoryOWL offers the possibility to test your own product developments or process optimizations in a protected environment. This way, you can secure your new development for an optimal market launch or operational introduction. In the same way we implement innovative technologies in your company and your production plant and support you in the selection of suitable funding opportunities. We promote an exchange between you and other companies in our networks, e.g. the Learning Network “From Process Optimization to Industry 4.0”. In this way you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and share best practices for joint growth.