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Inform, understand, touch and qualify

How do the technologies of Industry 4.0 fit to your company?

In addition to our events, we offer training courses and workshops that are held in-house or for schools. These address specific technological focal points or accompany your institution in strategic, technological questions with the help of innovation workshops moderated by one of our experts.

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Lab - Tour

Informing and demonstrating

Inform and demonstrate: Experience the technologies of digitization and how future business models can be created from them: From product development to production and networking – the future of production and work has already arrived today in the SmartFactoryOWL.

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Cybersecurity in automation technology

What does Industry 4.0 mean for my company? What opportunities will arise? Which risks? For manufacturing companies in medium-sized businesses it is necessary to fully understand and secure their automation 3.0 before they take the path to Industry 4.0 and increasingly network.

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Intelligent Sensorsystems

Intelligent sensor systems for production

During the seminar you will learn in one day how additional sensor technology can be used profitably in your company. You will learn the basics of sensor technology (types, measuring principles, signal interpretation and processing) as well as application examples for simple and more complex sensor systems. In practical exercises, using our mobile production data acquisition system INAsense, different industrial sensors are connected to a PLC, transferred to a central cloud application via OPC UA and then evaluated

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Innovation - Workshops

Innovation workshop to design your own road map

From design sprints to future workshops, our innovation workshops can stimulate creativity processes in an internal team of your employees. The topics can include a current problem and challenge of your company – such as the design of new products, production lines, processes or organizational structures.

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OPC UA - Seminars

OPC UA – Seminar

The seminar “Industry 4.0 Communication with OPC UA” presents industry 4.0 use cases and offers a practical introduction to OPC UA technology – in practical exercises and in theory. Fraunhofer IOSB-INA provides a state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure for this purpose.

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Implementing Shop Floor Management and CIP

Implementing shop floor management and CIP

With shop floor management, the participants systematically solve problems by presenting suitable key figures to boards via regular communication in order to bring about goal-oriented measures and decisions. In this module, participants learn how to set up shop floor management step by step using a complex process.

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Value Stream Method

Analyze and design material and information flows using the value stream method

Often the individual production processes are optimized to a large extent. Does this also mean that the overall process is optimally designed? The value stream method is used to illustrate and optimize production and business processes from the customer’s point of view.

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Material Flow Analysis

Analyze and design internal material flows

Does your material provisioning function more according to the taxi principle – i.e. the forklift driver announces transports depending on who shouts the loudest? In this module we show the participants how the sometimes complex internal material flow can be visualized and also evaluated in monetary terms.

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Factory Layouts

Planning and optimizing layouts

You want to expand your production by a new hall and need a hall layout? Or you want to change the arrangement of your machines and workstations? In this module, your employees will learn to define planning restrictions, create rough and fine layouts and evaluate different variants.

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PULL Systems

PULL systems – clocking out, linking and scaling of process chains

Even if you do not (yet) believe it, too high stocks tie up capital and occupy space. Experience how pulling (pull-) systems reduce stocks and learn how we check the suitability of your articles for these systems.

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Efficient setup changeover

If your employees cover more than 10 meters per minute during the setup change, you should redesign the setup process! In the future, differentiate between internal and external setup activities. Get to know the design principle ‘fast setup change’ and document the results using a standardized procedure.