Lippe district becomes 5G model region

Lippe is one of fifty model regions that successfully participated in the “5G Innovation Competition within the framework of the 5x5G Strategy” of the Federal Government and will now receive up to 100,000 Euros. The funding application covers three areas:

The “SmartFactoryOWL”, the “Innovation Campus Lemgo” and the area north of Lemgo. A local 5G network is to be established, with the option of a link to public networks, for example to the campus network. The overall goal of the 5G activities of the Lemgo research, like the project TACNET 4.0, is the development of a uniform industrial 5G communication system, which integrates 5G networks and industrial communication networks. Successful digitization in industry requires efficient and media break-free networking of factories, products and services. The 5G technology offers concepts through which the TACNET 4.0 project will develop efficient solutions for the manufacturing industry.

This includes points such as NetworkSlicing, the used frequency spectrum, edge cloud concepts, device-2-x communication and many use cases, like

  • Remote control of mobile machines or robots
  • Support of workers by experts at other locations using Augmented Reality
  • Support of driverless transport vehicles
  • Control and management of industrial communication networks
  • Efficient use of spectrum resources for highly reliable communications


Contact persons:

Arne Neumann

inIT | Technische Hochschule OWL

Campusallee 6 | 32657 Lemgo


Sebastian Schriegel

Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

Campusallee 1 | 32657 Lemgo