Remote U² – Remote maintenance systems

Remote U² – Remote maintenance systems

Design of a user-friendly user interface

The challenge here is that software for Industry 4.0 is often characterised by high usability and a goal-oriented user experience. This is the only way to master the constantly increasing complexity of interactive industrial systems in the future. However, SMEs in particular often lack the resources to invest in usability and UX. However, their customers are now proactively demanding these qualities; they have become significant competitive factors.

The following project steps were worked on within the framework of the project:

1.) Mock-Up

In a first step, all functional and non-functional requirements for the user interface were discussed and implemented as a mock-up in several interaction stages.

2.) Conception

For the conception, a process flow chart was developed based on all previously analysed data from the mock-up. This flow chart could be used as a blueprint for the implementation of the software prototype.

3.) Application

A functional prototype was completed for the application. The application was then tested for usability, evaluated and optimised.

4.) Roll-out and deployment

Subsequently, the software was used by various practice partners of the company. This gave the opportunity to also obtain customer feedback on how the software could be optimised.

The step-by-step and systematic approach and the high level of development competence of the Lemgo research institute made it possible for both partners to achieve maximum technological gains. On the one hand, the use of the technology made everyday work easier for the service employees and, on the other hand, enabled accelerated problem solving and more targeted solution development for the customers of RAUTEC GmbH. Both employees and customers showed high satisfaction with the simplified handling through the user interface. RAUTEC GmbH was satisfied with the uncomplicated and practical support from Fraunhofer IOSB-INA – partner in the Digital in NRW competence centre.
In the SmartFactoryOWL demonstration centre, you can get to know the results of the project and get in touch with our experts to discuss your own use cases.